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As a big THANK YOU for coming to my class, you can have a strategy call for 50% off!

We will look through your social media, website, email list and whatever else you have, and map out a plan to use those to reach your goals! (bc hint: they didn't teach us how to sell things in music school)
20210702_190228_Original 2_edited.jpg

You can have 70% off one month of coaching!

In 4 hour-long coaching calls, we will create and implement a strategy to market your program/teaching services so you can actually make sales this year :)

(So you're not wasting hours and hours posting on social media like I used to lol)

Coaching is normally $1,000 each month. You can have it for $300.

offers expire on Thursday, September 1st at 11:59pm ET

Or.... let's say you're ready to buckle in and learn the marketing strategies I used to promote Virtual Woodwind Academy...

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